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2011 Announcement


In his nineteenth (19th) year as a prosecutor, Cayuga County District Attorney Jon Budelmann announced that he is seeking re-election to a second term as Cayuga County District Attorney. DA Budelmann said "It has been an honor and privilege to serve as your District Attorney."

DA Budelmann reported "It has been a very busy four years. At the end of 2007 the Office lost some very experienced members. During this time period, Cayuga County saw a 39% increase in felony arrests, including a 51% increase in violent felony arrests. The obvious result of the increases was more investigations, litigation, hearings, grand jury indictments, felony trials and appeals that followed."

"In the past four years this Office has secured hundreds of felony convistions and lengthy sentences for killers, child molesters, drug dealers and other dangerous criminals." DA Budelmann further pointed out, "During this same time period this Office was also challenged with the imposition of the new Drug Dealer Protection Act of 2009, which allowed for the sealing of prior convictions, lower sentences for violent drug dealers, and the early release of convicted felons from prison."

"This Office persevered and has moved beyond those initial challenges. We are fully staffed with an aggresive team of experienced, tried and tested veteran prosecutors and support staff. We are ready, willing and able to continue to protect our community from the violence and illegal drug activity that continues to endanger this State and Country , and which seeks to move here as well."

District Attorney Budelmann indicated that he is looking forward to an exciting campaign this year. "I am eager to meet upcoming challenges facing our community head on. If re-elected, I will continue my commitment to keep our community safe. I respectfully ask for this community's support once again."

Very Truly yours,

Jon E. Budelmann

Cayuga County District Attorney


2007 Announcement

On March 10, 2007 I announced I was running for District Attorney of Cayuga County. It has been an honor representing the People of the State of New York for the past fourteen years as an Assistant District Attorney. I have worked diligently to earn this community’s trust, confidence and respect. I am proud to say that the cases I have prosecuted over the years have resulted in the removal of many drug dealers, sexual predators and violent criminals from our streets.

Being entrusted to represent the People of my community has been an honor. If elected District Attorney I intend to continue to honor that trust, as I have in the past, with hard, honest work dedicated to achieve justice. It is essential that the various law enforcement agencies, the courts, corrections, and the DA’s Office all work closely together. In my eleven years as Chief Assistant I have developed excellent relationships with all of these agencies.

I want to be your District Attorney, because Cayuga County is my home. My wife Michelle and I live and work here. It is where my children, Katherine and Jack, were born, go to school and will grow up. My parents Bruce and Barbara also live here. My commitment is to make our community safe for my family and all of our families.

I have earned the reputation as a strong, but fair prosecutor who follows through and can be counted on to successfully prosecute cases. I pledge to always be open, accessible and approachable whenever my assistance is needed, day and night. In the past eleven years as Chief Assistant District Attorney, I have personally tried dozens of cases in County Court, City Court and the Justice Courts throughout Cayuga County. 

I love working in the District Attorney’s Office fighting for justice. I look forward to going to work and protecting our community every day. I enjoy going to Court and representing the People of this County. It is an honor and a privilege.

I promise to continue the good aspects of the District Attorney’s Office - the professionalism, the integrity, the high conviction rates. At the same time I will strive to build upon the good aspects and improve others facets. I pledge to continue to personally handle cases and regularly appear in County Court.
As your District Attorney I will continue to fight for victims. I pledge to continue to seek justice for victims and hold those who victimize accountable.

My commitment is to be accountable and accessible to the people who elected me to office. As a fiscal conservative, I promise to work toward reducing the cost to taxpayers. One way to do this is by getting tougher on Medicaid and Welfare Fraud Offenders. These persons are not to be confused with those who truly need assistance. I am only speaking about those who are wrongfully taking services and depriving others of these funds.

In closing, you can be assured of my commitment to the high standards you expect and deserve in your District Attorney. This is the just the beginning of a long, hard campaign. I ask for your continued support throughout the year. I am in this race to become the next District Attorney of Cayuga County. I can only continue to do these things and protect our community with your help and your support. I ask for your vote November 6th.  Thank you.

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