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Cayuga County District Attorney running for re-election The Citizen, 2015


1997 Crime Victim's Service Award (As mentioned on WAUB interview 11/7/11) United States Department of Justice

The Citizen Endorses Budelmann for DA The Citizen, 2011

DA Budelmann, Staff Seem to Care The Citizen, 2011

Sheriffs Group Backs Budelmann The Citizen, 2011

Budelmann Is Best For District Attorney Syracuse.com, 11/1/2011

DWI Is Hardly a Petty Crime The Citizen, 2011

Lenore Ellis Letter to the Citizen & Post Standard 2011

Budelmann Makes Sure Criminals Pay The Price The Citizen, 2011

Budelmann Doing Good Work as DA The Citizen, 2011

Strods Can't Be Trusted to Serve The Citizen, 2011

Jon Budelmann Online Questions The Citizen, 2011

Jon Budelmann Radio Interview WAUB 2011

Jonis Strods Radio Interview on DWI WAUB 2011

Ex-boyfriend charged in Katie Socci's murder Syracuse.com, 10/21/2011

District Attorneys' Attack Unemployment Fraud http://www.daasny.org/, 6/1/10



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